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Is Training Necessary?

Why do I need to attend training programs on communication, personality development, teamwork, leadership, etc.? Isn’t it true that “The Universe is a University” and we can learn everything from our life itself? Then why classes?


On the other hand, even as children, we have been trained and preconditioned from day 1… to ask for food, to know how to get attention, how to walk… remember the effort, the falling, the constant encouragement from family and friends, the motivation, appreciation and ultimately results! When we are trained for something as simple as to walk, when we are trained on how to cook, on how to perform our jobs… then don’t we need training on how to live life?


I am a trainer… a certified Meta Mind Management expert, I’ve been, all my career, coaching students and executives alike, in groups and individually to achieve excellence in their personal and professional lives by managing their mindsets and sharpening their skill sets… The above is a constant question that I keep answering to know that my passion to pass on learning is my purpose of my life… and that the world and people benefit from it!

Today, I am writing this here… to hear from you… today’s youth…


Haven’t many of you asked yourself about this? Looked for answers and debated on reasons why training is or is not required to succeed in life…Now here’s a chance to share what you think… and feel…. to debate on this, to discuss on this, to share your views on this….


Write your mind…





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Attitude of Positivity…

You always have a choice, even if it is only a choice of your attitude – Lucy MaDonald

The inner voice of the human mind… can make anything worse!!! It can take a small problem, muse over it for some time, and make it a bigger problem. It can tell what might go wrong, point all the dark possibilities, and imagine a very bad situation, thus taking a mild annoyance to a major disaster and convince itself that the imagined situation is the real situation. We then struggle to confront a problem that only exists in our mind.
à listen to your inner voice à change your inner dialogue à change your attitude à change your actions à change your outcomesJ 

The inner voice of the human mind… can make anything better!!! It can take a huge problem, acknowledge, understand, and assess it, then think and analyze possible solutions. It can look at the chances of overcoming the problem and of generating various alternate options, willing itself to accept the situation, and look beyond the horizon to believe that the situation is resolvable. We then calmly work through the problem towards our objectives.

There are aspects of our life that are beyond our control. When these create problems, i.e. situations that cause us trouble, our energy and peace of mind look for aspects within our control, to be able to stand up and counter the problems. One aspect that we do have within our control is our attitude of positivity!

Observe yourself in situations

Give yourself a serving of positivity every morning…

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